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We have recently been involved in the conversion of several library spaces into 21st century learning commons.  These projects have involved questioning how content is delivered to students, how students learn and interact, as well as the role of libraries in the digital information age.  The Arapahoe High School Library was re-envisioned after tragic events at the school.  Yon Tanner Architecture was asked to create a new vision for the library that would allow the school to move forward toward a new future.  The 19,000 sf design includes a genius bar for IT help, a snack lounge, charging stations, tablet check out, and multimedia enhanced group meeting rooms.  The space was sectioned into many levels of learning and study.  There are collaborative group rooms, smaller study areas as well as individual production/ research areas.  The redesign of this spaces transformed the library from a place to check out books to a center for learning were students are encouraged to learn in new collaborative ways.